freelancevixen (freelancevixen) wrote in catharticangel,

Plunge that knife in deep

You twisted

A smile on your face

As deeply you imbedded

My disgrace.

You laughed at the

Falling of blood and tears

As if I meant nothing throughout

These years

Conniving you attacked

In a way most foul

Brandishing friendship

It was hard to swallow.

So simply satisfied

You conquered me.

Withdrew your presence

And company.

As I sat alone and thought

Disbelief inside me how you

Were filled with such rot.

All these years the lies you’ve fed

Until well I was fat

Until well we were dead.

At any one time

I wonder if I meant

A small thing of this world

To your precious existence.

It occurs to me

To pity you

For you lost someone special

But you don’t have a clue.

You walk straight on by

Stepping without care

Holding your head high

You think we all stare.

However my once friend

Your silver soul tarnished

The lies of yourself

Of which you have garnished

Richly into you

You lose what you cherish

My only wish to you

Is that you feel as I did

When our friendship did perish.

A little small mention

I may briefly cast aside

Just because I love him

It is not me you should despise.

Jealousy is a snake

In a bed of rich poison

It is sad to see you drown

In a making of your own delusions.

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